Luxembourg National Data Service


Enabling value creation from secondary use of data – with transparency, control and trust.

Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS) is a brand of PNED G.I.E. an economic interest group created by the Luxembourg Government, to implement Luxembourg’s strategies in research, innovation, and digitalisation. LNDS enables value creation from secondary use of data, for public and private partners and supports the sharing and re-use of public sector data, in a trustable manner. The LNDS service portfolio includes know-how, capabilities, tools, infrastructure, and data services to support data discovery, access, enrichment, pseudonymisation, quality and more. Through efficient & responsible use of data and improving the secondary use of data, LNDS will support the acceleration of economic, ecological, and societal transitions.

LNDS develops a service portfolio including know-how, capabilities, tools, infrastructure, and data services, to support the sharing and secondary use of data for public and private data partners. Data partners include research institutions, ministries and other national organisations, collaborating for improved use of existing data. In addition, LNDS participates actively in the development of data spaces, standards, and best practices at European level.

With the growing societal and economical dependency on data, the demand for data services changes and evolves over time. The LNDS service portfolio is continuously developed to serve the data partners’ needs in creating concrete and impactful data projects.

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Date de création
27 octobre 2023
Date de mise à jour
22 juin 2024