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Luxembourg National Data Service

Enabling value creation from secondary use of data – with transparency, control and trust. Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS) is a brand of PNED G.I.E. an economic interest group created by the Luxembourg Government, to implement Luxembourg’s strategies in research, innovation, and…

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We are pleased to announce that LNDS has successfully completed its Annual Report of 2023. A fruit of rigorous and detailed work, the Annual Report highlights the achievements, challenges and prospects of its first full year in operation.
Transparency is one of the key values of LNDS. As a sign of living its values, in addition to the Annual Report, LNDS has also made available all public data files associated with this report.
These data files enable a more in-depth analysis and offer greater transparency on the past year's activities. This is a commendable initiative on the part of LNDS, demonstrating our commitment to openness and accountability.
Each data file corresponds to a section of the Annual Report and shows the data that has been used to create the content, and most notably the data visualisations and infographics.

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