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Luxembourg National Data Service

Enabling value creation from secondary use of data – with transparency, control and trust. Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS) is a brand of PNED G.I.E. an economic interest group created by the Luxembourg Government, to implement Luxembourg’s strategies in research, innovation, and…

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The dataset has been created by using the open-source code released by LNDS (Luxembourg National Data Service). It is meant to be an example of the dataset structure anyone can generate and personalize in terms of some fixed parameter, including the sample size. The file format is .csv, and the data are organized by individual profiles on the rows and their personal features on the columns. The information in the dataset has been generated based on the statistical information about the age-structure distribution, the number of populations over municipalities, the number of different nationalities present in Luxembourg, and salary statistics per municipality. The STATEC platform, the statistics portal of Luxembourg, is the public source we used to gather the real information that we ingested into our synthetic generation model. Other features like Date of birth, Social matricule, First name, Surname, Ethnicity, and physical attributes have been obtained by a logical relationship between variables without exploiting any additional real information. We are in compliance with the law in putting close to zero the risk of identifying a real person completely by chance.

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