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The Environment Agency is at the service of society to ensure a high level of environmental protection and quality of life for people in their environment. It provides support for political decision-making and ensures that environmental legislation is applied. It oversees human activities that…

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Noise, or noise pollution, is a daily nuisance for many people. The impact on human beings can be physical and/or psychological (reduced ability to concentrate, insomnia, stress, hearing loss, cardiovascular disease). Noise is also detrimental to the well-being of animals.

In the Grand Duchy, noise is caused primarily by road, rail and air traffic, but also by construction sites, industry and the use of machinery in the neighbourhood. Given the wide range of emission sources, it is important to monitor the propagation of environmental noise (-> mapping) and, if limit values are exceeded, to adopt measures to limit its impact. The impact of noise varies depending on where you are, the proximity of the various sources (roads, airport, rail) and the insulation of your home. Measures to reduce environmental noise must be tailored to these criteria.

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