Electricity map production capacity for Luxembourg

Publié le 13 février 2022

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Thibault Milan

Thibault is passionate about digital culture who put his knowledge and know-how at the service of what he undertakes. He's an expert in user experience, contributed 4 years to France-Luxembourg UPA local chapter and been senior Front-end developer. Thibault is really engaged in the community…

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ElectricityMap is a real-time visualisation of the Greenhouse Gas (in terms of CO2 equivalent) footprint of electricity consumption built with d3.js and mapbox GL. Try it out at http://app.electricitymap.org, or download the app on Google Play or App store.

It can be difficult to see since the live production data aren't available and cannot be displayed but you can see under the "no live data" message the production capacity now being correctly display.

Nearly impossible to see detail of the installed capacity

If I remove the message, you can see it better

Installed capacity in Luxembourg

Solar capacity details

One step closer to add Luxembourg on the map of the Greenhouse Gas (in terms of CO2 equivalent) footprint of electricity consumption!

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