Project description - At a glance

Safe Crossing is a project based on a crowd-sourced effort to assess if the setup of pedestrian crossings in Luxembourg-City complies with the Code de la Route.

Specifically, the project aimed at finding out whether Articles 164(2.)(e) & 166(h) of the Code de la Route were respected. This means, generally speaking, that no designated parking spot is allowed to be placed within 5 metres of a pedestrian crossing. In practice, many pedestrian crossings are setup in a way that violates this rule.


  • A total of 1787 pedestrian crossings were analysed.
  • The setup of 475 (27%) crossings is likely in violation of the Code de la Route
  • For 162 (9%) crossings, no assessment was possible

The remaining 1150 (64%) pedestrian crossings have been assessed as being in compliance with the Code de la Route.

This means that almsost a third of all pedestrian crossings in the City of Luxembourg may not be setup according to the rules of the law.

--- Please visit the project homepage for much more details about how the data was generated and the motivation behind the project. ---

The data can be downloaded as GeoJSON or visualised on a map on the project homepage.

Project homepage (map viewer and more information):


Discussion entre l'organisation et la communauté à propos de ce jeu de données.