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Since 2002, the BnL has been digitising a large variety of historical documents such as newspapers, monographs, manuscripts, postcards and even posters. All digitised materials are available for viewing through its platforms a-z.lu and eluxemburgensia.lu. In addition, some datasets are now in the public domain and are made available here.

Please, visit http://data.bnl.lu/data/historical-newspapers/ to learn more about the data, associated metadata and format used.

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Depuis 2002, la BnL digitalise une grande quantité de documents historiques tels que des journaux, monographies, manuscrits, cartes postales et même des affiches. Tous les documents numérisés sont disponibles à la consultation sur les plateformes a-z.lu et eluxemburgensia.lu. De plus, certains sets de données sont dans le domaine public et sont mises à disposition sur ce site.

Veuillez visitez http://data.bnl.lu/data/historical-newspapers/ pour en apprendre davantage sur les données, les métadonnées associées ainsi que les formats utilisés.

Main file

Digitised Luxembourg Historical Newspapers - GROUND TRUTH PACK

OCR Datasets As part of BnL’s AI strategy, we provide the ground truth data that falls into the public domain. The dataset includes text/image pairs based on text lines extracted…

Digitised Luxembourg Monographs - TEXT PACK

This set contains 33477 exported chapters from 1690 to 1918 created by processing 504 monographs and 51709 pages.

Digitised Luxembourg Historical Newspapers - TEXT ANALYSIS PACK

Best for getting started with text analysis This set contains 510505 exported articles from 1841 to 1878 (38 years of news) created by processing 23663 newspaper issues and 97285…

Digitised Luxembourg Historical Newspapers - STARTER PACK

Best for getting started & developing This set contains 5 newspaper issues (5 days of news) and 22 pages of the newspaper D’Wäschfra (1868).

Digitised Luxembourg Historical Newspapers - SAMPLE PACK

Best for testing different newspapers and metadata This set contains a sample of 11 different newspaper titles (1 issue per newspaper) between 1845 and 1877.

Digitised Luxembourg Historical Newspapers - DEV PACK

Best for getting started with Big Data This set contains 26 newspaper issues (1 month of news) and 112 pages of the newspaper Luxemburger Wort (1877).

Digitised Luxembourg Historical Newspapers - ML STARTER PACK

Best for getting started with machine learning This set contains 304 newspaper issues (1 year of news) and 1220 pages of the newspaper L’indépendance Luxembourgeoise (1877).

Digitised Luxembourg Historical Newspapers - BIG DATA PACK

Best for machine learning and deep neural networks This set contains 2712 newspaper issues (10 years of news) and 10880 pages of the newspaper L’Union (1860-1869).


Documentation on the official Open Data website of the BnL | data.bnl.lu

Code repository


Discussion between the organization and the community about this dataset.

Community resources

Prices of goods at the Luxembourg market in the 19th century

This dataset was extracted from the L'Indépendance using OCR. It contains market prices from 1871 to 1878. There can be mistakes in the data as OCR is not 100% accurate. Use this…

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