Guide to the use of data

These usage guidelines suggest best practices and do not represent a legal contract, but the Luxembourg government kindly asks you to follow them when you use data from this site.

Cite sources when it is appropriate and possible to do so.

Please respect the terms of the license of the data you are using. Even if it is not required by the license, it is always nice to cite the sources.

Publish your re-use if possible.

Feel free to share your re-uses of our data on this portal. This encourages data producers to endeavor and it may be beneficial for the community.

Mention your data changes.

In case you have enriched the data, and this modification is not a re-usesd in itself, you may consider sharing this improved data with the community. The section "community resources" on the datasets sub-page is the right place to do so.

Dynamic data

Always take into account that some data may not be static. Depending on the update rythm, it may change regularly. Therefore, you may consider checking for updates regularly. The portal's API can also be helpful.