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Publié le 26 avril 2018

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Dipl. Geogr. Frank Broniewski

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Use the services from the luxembourgish Geoportail from within QGIS. This plugin for QGIS 3 allows you to search for places in Luxembourg and adds the result to your map in QGIS. You can search for

  • Addresses
  • Land parcels
  • Villages and cities

and everything else you can search in the official search bar.
Future releases will add the option to load public map layers from the Geoportail into QGIS.

You can install the plugin from the official plugin repository from within QGIS. Just search for "Geoportal LU". Alternatively you can download the archive from the plugin's homepage and install the ZIP through the QGIS plugin installer interface.

2020-05-20 I released version 0.16 of the plugin to fix an issue with CRS axis order introduced with GDAL 3.0

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