This project exports LOD.lu content into Anki flashcards, so anyone can rapidly design and generate decks. Here there are also some decks, based on the book series "Schwätzt Dir Lëtzebuergesch?" published by INL.


Luxembourger Dictionary Online (LOD) is a platform maintained by ZLS, where anyone can easily search word meanings and how to pronounce them.

The word database was extracted from data.public.lu. The audio content was download directly from LOD.lu and converted into AAC, to reduce the size of the files.

How to use it

(Un)Fortunately, the amount of data is huge. To soothe the struggle of fetching everything again, you can find a mirror of the LOD content included in this project repo (here). To use this app, please follow these steps:

  1. Install this app running npm i -g lod-anki;
  2. Download and extract this file;
  3. Navigate to the root folder where the zip file was extracted;
  4. Run lod-anki export <deckFile>.


Discussion entre l'organisation et la communauté à propos de ce jeu de données.