Mas Pharmaceuticals


Mas Pharmaceuticals is a Bioceutical R&D Performing Biotechnology Company located in Istanbul , Turkey. Mas Pharmaceuticals holds the ownership of 128 Pharmaceutical and Bioceutical Patents' Exclusive License Rights which are invented by Mr. Erdal Can ALKOCLAR and Mr. Metehan YESIL.

Mas Pharmaceuticals is a Bioceutical Research and Development Company and we firmly believe in the concept of Open Science.

We choose to publish our patented formulations and allow its public usage ; especially the formulations we believe which may serve as a curative means for potential collective well being of the people of the world. We allow its usage without any charge or financial profit regarding this allowance of our data's replication.

We deliberately allow our to be shared replicated and used in order to contribute to public health. As far as our concern we try to do something noble and beneficial for all. Our patented formulations are readily published in several Respectable Databases like Harvard ZENODO OSF MIT-Wıp and several other open science repositories.

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Erdal Can Alkoclar


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Date de création
21 avril 2020
Date de mise à jour
28 mai 2024