This data set contains metadata of the published parliamentary questions scraped from the site.

The earliest question in this dataset is from the 13th of February 1996 and the latest question is from the 12th of May 2021.

The JSON file is an object mapping the IDs to another JSON object. The ids range from 95 to 21472, be aware that some IDs are missing, because the didn't give back any answer for certain IDs.
The inner object contains following keys:

  • answer_by: The text of the cell of the answer
  • answer_date: The date when the answer was published
  • answer_limit_date - The date before which the answer should be published, normally 30 days after the the question was asked
  • answer_type - Oral, written or withdrawal
  • author - Containing the author(s) of the parliamentary question
  • date - The published date of the parliamentary question
  • destination - To which ministry/ministries the parliamentary question was directed
  • has_answer - Boolean, True if the question has an written or oral answer, look at the answer_by key
  • qp_number - Number, the published number of the parliamentary question
  • qp_type - Question écrite, Question urgente, Question orale or Question élargie/Question avec débat
  • subject - The title of the parliamentary question
  • url - The URL to the detail page on

In the future, this dataset will be updated with the newest parliamentary questions.

License based on the "Notice légale" of (

"Sauf indication contraire, la reproduction des informations contenues sur ce site est autorisée à des fins non commerciales à condition que la source soit expressément mentionnée."



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