Use of languages in the 34th Chamber of Deputies Luxembourg 2018 2023

Publié le 17 mai 2024

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Sime Jurlina

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Which Luxembourgish political party is the most Luxembourgish of them all?

In Luxembourg there are three official languages: Luxembourgish (, French and German.

French is the language of administration or the language in which the laws are written, taxes paid and road signs posted.

Communicating with the public administration citizens can use any of the three official languages and in most cases also English.

Luxembourgish is, in principle, spoken by 53% of the population or 350 thousand Luxembourgers in Luxembourg. There are 47% foreigners or 318 thousand living in the country. (,of%20Luxembourg%20are%20called%20Luxembourgers)
In principle as, in my experience, many naturalised Luxembourgers do not really use Luxembourgish in everyday life.

So if you were a Luxembourger with a right to vote in the parliamentary elections how would you decide who to support?

One criterion could be the Luxembourgishness (concept invented for this article) of the political party that is deduced from the percentage of questions in the parliament posed in the Luxembourgish language.

In order to discover the level of the political party’s Luxembourgishness I analysed all of the questions that were recorded during the 34th Chamber of Deputies from 2018 to 2023 ( The source dataset is on the Open Data Luxembourg webpage (

The detailed analysis showed that there can be only one! The perfect score of 100% Luxembourgishness was attained by the Liberté - Fräiheet ! political party. But as they only asked one question maybe we should take a look at the rest as well.

Second and third place are occupied by Piraten (99.9%) and ADR (99.4%) as they achieved the highest possible level of use of the Luxembourgish level in the parliament.
They are followed by CSV, the biggest political party in the country. It has 67% of questions in Luxembourgish, 33% in French and 0.4% in German.
Then comes DP and here we have an inversion. Only 37% questions were in Luxembourgish, 63% in French.

At the bottom of the table are LSAP (15% questions in Luxembourgish), déi gréng (1.5%) and déi Lénk (1%).

It seems that not everyone was on board with Government’s commitment to Luxembourgish, from 2017, in a strategy to promote the Luxembourgish language. Within the Government, the promotion of the Luxembourgish language was the job of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth during the legislative period 2018-2023. For those interested the strategy sets out 40 measures laying down the foundations for an action plan and enabling the setting-up of medium- and long-term initiatives aimed at developing the Luxembourgish language (,the%20functioning%20of%20its%20institutions).

Check out the viz here:

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