Publié le 11 octobre 2020

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Description - All of your Coronavirus Info in One Place

A web-solution developed by team


Web-Solution Description:

Our web-solution is an information hub, which for users acts as a gateway to coronavirus information from a range of Internet sources. By simply typing a question into the website's search bar, users can easily access/find important information relating to the health crisis in Luxembourg.

Using the search bar, users can:

  • Search for medical facilities, such as coronavirus testing centres, hospitals, and pharmacies
  • Find statistics relating to the coronavirus in Luxembourg using data found on the domain, such as number of positive cases and number of tests conducted
  • General news and information found on the Internet using web-scraping techniques (still in development)

Search-Bar Technology

Search-bar features found on many information websites rely on correct spelling and/or phrasing of the user's search for the user to obtain the correct piece of information. This could contribute to navigation challenges, where, depending on the way the search has been phrased, users can receive different pieces of information for the same overall search request.

Through the use of the Natural Language Processing software, we managed to train the AI embedded in the search-bar to identify a wide variety of user input relating to searching for medical facilities and coronavirus statistics. With an average accuracy rate of +90%, the AI can correctly identify the underlying search request, and quickly and effectively help retrieve the desired information.

Searching for Medical Facilities

Using data from a variety of Luxembourg medical sources, users can search for coronavirus testing centres, pharmacies, and major hospitals found in Luxembourg. Relevant information for each medical facility (region/commune, address, contact information, and opening times) can be easily searched for using our website's search bar.

Users also have an option of searching for pharmacies in a particular commune by including the commune name in the search (e.g. "Find me pharmacies in Mamer"). If the user does not mention a commune in their search, the user will obtain a list of all the pharmacies along with their associated information found in Luxembourg.

Searching for Statistics

Using data from the information uploaded by the Luxembourg Ministère de la Santé on, users can search for coronavirus statistics. Users can specify which type of information along with a specific a particular date (note: the search bar can only process dates in the format mm/dd/yy) they would like to search for. Any search without a date will have the most recent statistic returned to them.

Additional Features

  • All the languages spoken in Luxembourg are supported on our website for maximum digital inclusion (searching feature for other languages is in development)

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