Data Confidence

Data Confidence Platform

Data Confidence is the first platform to offer transparency to the transport, logistics and trade sectors at a global scale, by proposing a unique platform with trusted and structured data on a worldwide coverage, for expert and non-expert users :

We are currently in beta mode and we are working with handful of selected logistics service providers, transport infrastructure operators, shippers and public authorities to test our products and data services.

Data Confidence Research and Analysis Solutions

Constituted research know-how, state of the art business intelligence, analytics and market research tools and trusted data sets.

Our customised service conducts qualitative and quantitative analysis and studies on transport and logistics sectors for our B2B customers. We are providing systematic collection, interpretation and analysis on infrastructure elements, traffic flows of the transport corridors and the potential markets along them. We conduct individual transport market analysis and market monitoring in different geographical levels (countries, regions or cities). This comprise benchmark studies about industries, geographical areas, transport and economic nodes as well as capacity assessments for ports, terminals and commercial lines.

We turn Data Into Action

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