MeteoLux provides a review of daily meteorological elements of the past month observed at Luxembourg/Findel Airport. The review is published at the beginning of the following month.

Station Details:

  • Latitude: 49°37’33.9’’N (49.6261 N)
  • Longitude: 6°12’12.5’’E (6.20347 E)
  • Station elevation: 376.1 m


Air temperature at 2 m above ground (°C)
Air temperature at 5 cm above bare soil (°C)
Precipitation sum (mm)
Precipitation duration (hours)
Sunshine radiation (hours)
Relative humidity at 2 m above ground (%)
Wind gust direction (degree)
Wind gust speed (km/h)


Monthly Weather Review - Luxembourg/Findel Airport (WMO ID 06590, WIGOS ID 0-20000-0-06590)

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