INSPIRE - Annex III - Meteorological Geographical Features - PointTimeSeriesObservation - Monthly weather measurements at Luxembourg Findel Airport

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The metadata record summarizes information for time series of monthly weather measurements from Luxembourg/Findel Airport.

The following measurements are recorded:

  • Monthly mean air temperature (°C) at a height of 2 m above ground
  • Monthly amount of precipitation (mm). The observational days are defined from 06:00 UTC to 06 UTC of the following day.
  • Monthly amount of sunshine (hours)
  • Monthly mean station pressure (hPa)
  • Monthly mean pressure reduced to mean sea level (hPa)

The current elevation of the station is 376.1 m. The record covers the period 1947-dato and is updated regularly on a monthly basis. The meteorological station is part of the WMO Regional Basic Synoptic Network (WMO identifier 06590). The data is free of charge and can be requested via e-mail from the Climatology Department at MeteoLux. The synoptic observations are collected in real time, are quality controlled and archived in a climate data management system of MeteoLux.

This dataset is available via the WMS Time ( and WFS ( API protocols. See for example the following sample requests:


WMS Time:

Data is transformed into INSPIRE data model.

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