The biotope cadaster of the open landscapes is a cartography of rare and threatened habitats of the rural area in open landscapes which are protected by the article 17 of the amended law of the 19th January 2004 concerning the protection of nature and natural resources, and for which the identification in the field is difficult or ambiguous. This inventory was created in order to establish a national cadaster of biotopes to be protected and preserved in priority. Clearly identifiable biotopes such as hedgerows, scrubs and groves, as well as rivers were not mapped as part of this inventory, but are still subject to the strict protection regime under article 17 of the above mentioned nature protection law. An orientation guide for good practice (Leitfaden) was developed in cooperation with the different departments for agriculture so to define the normal management that ensures the maintenance of the biotopes, and to list the actions which are unwanted resp. for which an official authorization is needed and which lead to their destruction, damage or deterioration


Biotope cadaster of the open landscapes


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