INSPIRE - Annex III Theme Buildings - Building 3D - 2020

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Administration du cadastre et de la topographie

Les missions principales de l'administration du cadastre et de la topographie (ACT) peuvent être divisées en trois grands volets. la création, la gestion, la mise à jour et la diffusion des documentations foncières et cartographiques officielles au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg. la mensuration…

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August 2, 2023
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October 2, 2023

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This dataset contains the buildings in 3D on the national territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The 3D buildings were made based on the aerial shots of summer 2020 (flight period: end of July, beginning of August and mid-September 2020; flight height: +/- 3500 m above the ground) by photogrammetric rendering of the roofs (QME in x, y and z ≤ 20 cm), followed by downward extrusion and texturing of the resulting 3D models of the buildings with the oblique shots.
Only the roofs of buildings with a footprint greater than 20 m2 were entered, taking into account superstructures (e.g. dog-sitting) whose longest side exceeds 50 cm and which have a volume greater than 1 m3.

The 3D buildings correspond to the LOD (Level of Detail) 2.2 classification.

This dataset has been harmonized according to the INSPIRE theme "Buildings" data specification.

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