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The BnL is the coordinator of the bibnet.lu national network of Luxembourgish libraries.
The InfoBib API offers information about each library in the network: addresses and opening times, contact information, access conditions etc.

Please, visit http://data.bnl.lu/apis/infobib/ to learn more about BnL's InfoBib.

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La BnL est la coordinatrice du réseau national des bibliothèques luxembourgeoises, appelé bibnet.lu.
L’API InfoBib offre des informations pratiques (adresses, heures d’ouverture, conditions d’accès, ...) sur toutes les bibliothèques du réseau.

Veuillez visitez http://data.bnl.lu/apis/infobib/ pour en apprendre davantage sur l'API InfoBib de la BnL.



Documentation on the official Open Data website of the BnL | data.bnl.lu


GET information of 1 library

The base URL is http://infobib.bibnet.lu/show.php. The following parameters are used: lib (e.g. BINA) format=json lang (e.g. eng, fre, ger) Documentation:…

GET all bibnet.lu libraries

An up-to-date list of all the libraries and their codes (managed in the Integrated Library System Aleph) is available in JSON format. Documentation: http://data.bnl.lu/apis/infobib/


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