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July 29, 2022
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April 2, 2024

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This dataset was initiated in 2019 to introduce one of the first apps for Amazon Alexa in Luxembourg. This project aimed to release a real use-case of local services on a voice assistant platform, and we developed a waste pickup calendar.

The first challenge was accessing the raw data; at that time, the only choice was to scrap it from official websites. So we developed a nodejs modular scraping tool that connects to multiple sources, which are to this day:

  1. HTML from using cheerio library
  2. json from
  3. ICS files from using node-ical library

When scraping is complete, the tool unifies all results into a single format, normalizes pickup types, matches against the CACLR address database and writes 1 json file per postal code in a simple format :

    "uid": "5e8a5f0732fc6",
    "event_date": "1608073200000",
    "city": "Luxembourg",
    "location": "Côte d'Eich",
    "streetNumbers": "1-25, 2-24",
    "codepostal": 1450,
    "summary": "BULKY"
    "uid": "5e8a5f074f2c3",
    "event_date": "1608505200000",
    "city": "Luxembourg",
    "location": "Côte d'Eich",
    "streetNumbers": "1-25, 2-24",
    "codepostal": 1450,
    "summary": "PAPER"

Note: The dataset does not cover the entire country (yet). Several other websites/sources should be crawled and consolidated to have a complete picture.

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