An Immunomodulatory Formulation consisting of Nf-Kappa B , TNF-A and IL-6 Suppressive Protopanaxatriol Class Glucopyranoside Analouges, A Neurotrophic Protobioside Analouge that Promotes Myelin Regeneration , A Myotrophic Bioceutical Extract with Partial SARM-Like Effects thus increasing Muscle Mass via Protein Synthesis Enhancement , via GDF-8 Suppression, increasing intramascular MGF and IGF-1 mRNA Expression and Enhancing Cholinergic Neuromascular Transmission Duration. By Inhibiting Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Release and via increasing Selective Anabolism Formulation Serves as an Effective Adjunctive Treatment for ALS and Multiple Sclerosis.

Inventors : Erdal Can ALKOCLAR

Metehan YESIl



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