Published on October 11, 2020

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Ohm Team

Ohm is a team of developers participated in 2020 Game of Code.

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During this pandemics time we really lack communication between us, especially personal – all types of working meetings keep us up to date, but all the informal discussions and jokes we used to make in the office are gone now.
And talking about learning process – online classes makes it much harder to concentrate, be involved and motivated.

We created an app that allows to have fun quiz with friends or colleagues and at the same moment to learn something new and fun about Luxembourg. It can be interesting for everyone from school students to elderly people, mixing random facts you have never had idea about in a game format.

Data we are using is taken from official statistics sources, so it 100% trustworthy.
We are using Python to parse loots of opensource datasets from https://data.public.lu and programmatically generate quiz from correlating data pieces
UI interface is implemented as a cross-platform application in React Native, which would be available on any device.

Our goal is to create an application that is easy accessible by literally anyone and can be used in a minute of boredom or, vice versa, when you want to learn something new. It’s suitable for single use or to play in the company to have a few minutes of fun.


  • Desktop web application and mobile native applications built with React Native
  • Accessible both on Desktop and on Mobile (Try to play it only with Tab and Enter buttons!)
  • English and French translations (French is done using Google Translate mostly, sorry for the translation quality)
  • Light/Dark theme
  • Quiz question are generated automatically using statistics from Luxembourg Open Data datasets.

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